Saturday, April 28, 2012

BBQ Stand

Our apartment complex has a regulation that all BBQ's must of course be propane (no charcoal allowed) but also that they must be camping size - not full size.  Placing the BBQ on the patio table was not working for me, so we built a BBQ stand!

Ben drew up some plans and we collected the lumber and tools for the project.

He was also in charge of construction of the stand.

I was responsible for sanding all edges of the cut lumber.

 The stand was now built, but not very weather resistant.

 Therefore we stained it with a nice outdoor stain.  The little BBQ fits quite nicely on it!

After the project was completed, we decided that our stand resembled an actual BBQ, I guess that's what we wanted all along!  It is no wonder we've actually received a citation notice for having an incorrect BBQ, of course when I explained they understood and let us off the hook...

1 comment:

  1. Oh, man. Kyle and I are not necessarily "impressed" because saying that would underestimate your skills, but we are definitely wowed! Love your new BBQ stand!! It's fabulous, but that goes without saying, because you two are awesome! And so crafty/handy lately!


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