Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms

A few years ago (when I still had TV) Martha Stewart did a "how to" for a beautiful Paper Cherry Blossom Display.  I loved it so much, that I just had to make one right then an there and surprise my roommate Cece when she came home with it!

Martha's Display
She gave very good how to directions on her website:

I began by walking around my neighborhood and collecting tree branches that had fallen to the ground.  Lucy loved this because it meant an extra long walk!  Then we headed over to the playground to borrow some sand, and I truly mean borrow because after I enjoyed my project for a while I returned the sand to the playground!

I chose to use pink and yellow tissue paper for my flowers, for a subtle display.

It fit right into our living-room decor!

This was a nice beginner craft that could easily be made in a afternoon and my roommate liked it too!

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