Monday, September 10, 2018

Dana Point Tall Ships Festival 2018

This past weekend we spent our days living in the 18th century again. We set up camp at Dana Point Harbor and Ben participated in the annual pirate skit aboard the Pilgrim.

We had a large encampment which we shared with the Jolly Boat crew and our friendly pirates.

The pirates know how to live life!

They're a good group of miscreants. 

And these two Daniels are always up to something! Those silly salty tars!

It's always nice having other ladies to hang out with in camp. Anita went from sailor to lady in under 5 minutes!

We of course packed Carolyn's 18th century toys.

I don't think Carolyn likes this at all. 😉

Deadman's Waistcoat was here to serenade us and the audience, you know the people we came here to impress... They always put on such a good show!

Speaking of show! That's the whole reason we're invited to this year after year! 
"The date is November 22nd in the year of our Lord 1718.  The place is Ocracoke Inlet, in the colony of North Carolina.  The time is 7:30 on the morning tide.  The notorious pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, has taken refuge with his crew on the sloop Adventure in Pamlico Sound under the protection of North Carolina's Governor, Charles Eden. Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the British Sloop of War Jane has been sent by Governor Spotswood of Virginia to deal once and for all with the trecherous Blackbeard, who has for the last five years brought British trade in her new colonies to an effective standstill. Lieutenant Maynard and the crew of the Jane intend to meet out the swift justice pirates deserve.  Come with us and imagine yourself aboard the Jane, as the might of the British Empire bears down upon the life of Edward Teach, Blackbeard the Pirate!"

They always arrive as a grand processional marching down the pier.

The sailors of course must come by sea...

And then that dirty pirate scum tried to come aboard!

Fire! (Now of course real marines would not aim up at the sky, but if they didn't they'd be aiming at the audience, which is just wrong...)

Then of course the fighting ensued...

You'll never guess who won...

Ben had a good sized group of Marines to give orders to this year.

Here are all the performers, they did a great job this year!

My parents were a HUGE help watching Carolyn so that I could photograph the show!

She of course loved watching the show and spotting Daddy! I'm proud to say I made her that dress in just over a day! Previously all the other gowns she's worn were hand-my-downs from my good friend Heather. This time she's actually wearing a gown made by me!

We also took her around the Ocean Institute where we found mermaid story time, Oh-My!

Meanwhile, while Ben and Dominic were patrolling on the beach they came across a pirate!

He had captured poor Emily!

They of course had to fight him and rescue her.

Sadly Dominic lost his life in the battle, but it was worth it to rescue the lady.

She was very grateful.

That about wraps up our weekend. Carolyn was 100% positive that this steering wheel was placed here for her enjoyment. Of course I think this little cutie stole the show...

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