Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Colonial Ball

Finally a colonial era ball that we could attend! Ben and I were so excited to be able to go to this ball. We've been to countless Regency balls but this was our first Colonial/Georgian.

Even more exciting before the ball some of my friends set up their own hair salon in the ladies powder room and several of us had our hair done by the Colonial Coiffeurs! I've always wanted to use pomatum and powder and get that great Georgian hair height I had never had the time to research an attempt to do it on my own. 

It was so impressive, they had quite the operation set up!

When I was finally all dressed and ready this handsome man was waiting for me!

The ball was held at the beautiful Pasadena Scottish Rite.

The ball was organized by amazing Darlene and her committee!

And it was called by my favorite dance caller Judee! You can see her at the end of the set on the stage.

We had a lot of new dancers at the ball but she taught them as we went and everything went smoothly! 

There were some gorgeous gowns to be seen at the ball!

You can't have a Colonial ball without George Washington!

For some the dancing was too much and wore them straight out!

My friend Emily was one of the girls who did hair at the Colonial Coiffeurs, here she is all dolled up!

Cynthia did such a fabulous job with my hair, but check out her's!

We were quite proud to have half of our reenacting group in attendance.

Watch out attractive young redcoats make women faint!

Ben says that I was born in the wrong era, I should have been born in the Georgian era...  

It was such a wonderful night! I look forward to the next ball! 

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