Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Regency Gold Open Gown

I made a new regency open gown!  I LOVE it especially because it it goes over my other gowns that I've made and I can use it as a mix-n-match piece!

For my 30th birthday I was given this gorgeous gold fabric.  Shortly after I became pregnant so I decided to hold off on making anything out of it till I had regained my "new" after baby size - apparently your body can change a bit in the process and you may be shaped differently even after you loose the weight.

With all this fear of changing sizes again I decided something that was more forgiving was in order. An open robe is very forgiving in the tummy and chest areas!

This is my favorite period example - gold over a white dress.  You can view it here.

And here is my favorite fellow costumer version, with 2 examples - blue velvet and lavender silk

I also liked this lady's purple linen version.

In order to begin sewing make sure you have your trusty furry fabric weight in place!

To make the back panel I took the center back piece from a spencer pattern I have and copied it. Then I separated them 12" apart to make my center pleat and cut off the fabric along the line of my ruler. The reason I did not simply cut the skirt out separately is because I felt it looked so much prettier to have it all flow as one piece.

This is what my piece looked like after cutting.

I did the same thing for the curved back piece - leaving it a little bit longer than my hem would be.

I made a scooped necked piece using my pattern (that I self created here) for a bib front gown and attached those together.  Then I added a long rectangular piece that I pleated in place over the front.  I wish I took the time to write down the measurements/take more pictures but suddenly I was in a time crunch.  I believe this piece was 10" wide, but I'm not certain.  Speaking of time crunch, I began by hand sewing all of that pleating, and it looked so beautiful!  But then I realized I'd NEVER finish in time for the ball, so machine it was!

EVERY TIME that I sew a gown I say I NEED A DRESS FORM!  Here I am still no dress form, but I've gotten very creative.  This chair worked quite well!

Happily I did finish it in time for the ball and enjoyed wearing it till the clock struck midnight! Here I am with my best friend Rebekah!  That's the first gown she ever made, still looks great!

I just LOVED the way the new gown floated behind me while I danced!

Had to pose for a picture with my favorite dance instructor!

My group at our favorite ball of the year - The Jane Austen Evening.


  1. Wow! Your ball gown is gorgeous and looks stunning on you! I loved seeing the dancing photos and seeing the joy on your face. Your hair looks beautiful in those curls!


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