Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Free Gift with Registry

When I was preparing for baby I registered at three places, Babies'R'Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon.com.  Each place will give you free gifts just for registering, some were much nicer than others.

I'll give you a list of what I received from each company and let you decide who is the most generous...

  • Registry cards
  • Pampers diaper clutch
  • Munchkin disposable nursing pads (1 pair)
  • $20 Shutterfly coupon
  • $20 off Tiny Prints Coupon
  • $19.99 babyganics coupon
  • $1.50 off Pampers Swaddlers coupon
  • $5 off Pampers when you buy wipes coupon
  • Product advertisements (no coupons)
Buy Buy Baby
  • fit Pregnancy magazine
  • Munchkin Latch Bottle
  • Enfamil formula sample (4 packets)
  • Pampers diaper clutch
  • Desitin 1oz tube
  • Mustela Body Wash sample & $5off $30 Mustela purchase
  • babyganics eczema care sample w/coupon
  • babyganics laundry detergent sample w/coupon
  • Weleda diaper rash cream sample
  • dapple laundry soap sample w/coupon
  • dapple bottle and dishes sample
  • Chicco pacifier
  • California Baby Cream sample
  • Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags (2)
  • Lansinoh Nursing Pads (set of 2)
  • Chicco Nursing Pads (set of 2)
  • Advent Coupons
  • Johnsons/Desitin Coupon
  • Mam Coupon
  • $20 Shutterfly coupon
  • $5 off Buy Buy Baby Coupon
  • Avent Bottle
  • Breastfeeding Guide
  • Babyganics Wipes
  • Burt's Bees Intensive Firming Serum sample
  • Seventh Generation Diapers (2 newborn size)
  • New Chapter Prenatal Vitamins (15 sample pills)
  • Mam Pacifier
  • Babyganics lotion sample
  • Aquaphor Skin Protectant sample
  • Kind Strawberry Peanutbutter Granola Bar
  • Johnson & Johnson Bubble Bath Sample
  • Vroom Advertisement
I've got to say Amazon's box was the most fun:

It even had teachable moments tips on the flaps:

It's so wonderful that when you register the companies give you free stuff, because I love free stuff! And I bet you do too!

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