Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Woodland Nursery

The nursery is done and now you get to see it!  Lucy would like to welcome you to her new favorite room.

I have to admit I love to come in here and just sit in the chair and take it all in.  This room makes me so happy and excited!

Thanks to many generous friends and family members this little girl has quite the wardrobe!

The cross was made by a dear friend from church and given to me at my church shower and the tree's leaves are actually finger prints from all the people who came to the shower my sweet mother hosted!

We plan on cloth diapering, if you're going to use cloth diapers you might as well use cloth wipes. My sweet friend Kellie made me a huge stack of beautiful wipes and homemade wipe solution!

This gorgeous mobile was created by another mamma who just had her baby last month!

And as a special treat, I will be able to nurse my baby in my grandmother's chair.  I was so fortunate the design matched the nursery.  Check out those awesome quilts, the one on top was made by my Yarn Night friends and the one on the arm by sweet Rebekah!

In case you didn't see it yet, here is the blow by blow of how this nursery progressed: click here.
Okay little girl,  your nursery is done, it's safe to come out now!  We excitedly await the arrival of little Carolyn Grace!

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