Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trafalgar Day Picnic 2014

Another Trafalgar Day has come and gone, and we have great memories and pictures to remember it by!

There was a wedding held at the site the day before and they forgot their chandelier.  Ben asked me to dance, an offer I could never refuse!

Then it was time to get to work, Ben was in charge of the archery range again and had to set it up. Our friend Glen willingly helped give him a hand!

Alas boys are easily distractable, they found some logs which then turned into caber tossing!

Then it was back to stacking the hay...

The archery rage was all set and ready for participants.

The guys had to test the whole set-up...

It seemed to work quite well!

It was a glorious day for a picnic, not too hot or cold, just right.

Our table as usual had a delicious spread.

Would anyone like some juice?

These handsome picnickers were enjoying the fine weather.

This gentleman was making a special punch.

It looked very tasty!

Here I am with two of my dear friends Ashley and Helga.

There were lots of handsome couples!

Some men are handsome all on their own...

Ben's archery range was quite popular!

We also had some alternative forms of entertainment - such as lady beating!

Don't worry, no ladies were harmed during this activity.

As the sun began to dip a little bit lower we moved onto dancing al fresco.

Dancing is one of my new favorite hobbies, especially when I'm with Ben!

Ben was so excited to wear his new 95th rifles uniform, this was his first time at an event in it.

Can you see the difference in the shade of green between Ben and Glen?  Glen is wearing the old uniform here.

Watch out or Ben might take you as the enemy!

Well that's a wrap for our fabulous day picnicking.  Already looking forward to this event again next year!

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