Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An Elegant Tea Party Baby Shower

My dear friend Cece is expecting a precious little girl.  In her honor her mother in law gave her the most lovely tea party for her baby shower.

The whole room was decorated so elegantly!  I especially loved her use of twinkle lights and Christmas ornaments!

There were three long tables set up for guests to sit at.  All with beautiful china.

The mantle was aglow with more twinkle lights and lots of lovely hats.

In the corner was displayed one very special tea set from the hosting mother's early days.

The table runners were all hand made just for today!

Here is my place setting.  On everyone's plate was a sweet little cookie pop that said "It's a girl."

She had a fleet of tea pots ready to descend on the tables once everyone was ready to drink.

In case you were not in the mood for hot tea she also had many other choices too.

In the next room over she had the buffet of all the tea sandwiches and scones set-up.

The scones in the bottom of this picture were made from the recipe that the Empress Hotel uses!

My yummy plate full of food ready to be consumed!

You can't have a tea party without sweets too, so after supper she set up the beautiful display of treats!

Diaper raffles are such a great idea, look at this tower of diapers and wipes for baby!  They won't need to buy anything for months!

Here I am with the expectant mommy.

And here she is with the team that threw this beautiful party, her mother in law is the lovely lady on the right.

So many people came to this shower, look at how full the room was!  It was amazing how she made us all fit!

Guess who actually won a shower game!?!?!  And they gave me the most awesome prize!

I absolutely love the way Cece's expression showers her sure delight in opening the baby gifts.  She made this face for every adorable outfit - and there were a lot - of course you knew there would be for a little girl!

I wish many wonderful blessings for love and happiness with their new little one.  This was such a memorable shower for such a sweet little one soon to come!

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