Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Easter 2014

We had a wonderful Easter celebration this year with both mine and Ben's sides of the family all together for the first time (since our wedding).

You'll recognize some of the same decorations from last year, just in their new home, and a few new ones too!

I picked up this awesome wreath at the 99Cents Only store!

The centerpieces were canning jars wrapped up special for flowers, with Easter grass and my mom cute little egg decorations.

Outside was similar, except no eggs here we had little glitter bunnies.

We hung some awesome pendants that I also picked up at the 99Cents store, they looked great until the wind messed with them!

We set up the drinks and appetizers outside for easy access.

I made a cheese ball and turned it into a carrot by covering it with Doritos and sticking celery stems into it!

Inside in the kitchen we set up the dinner buffet.

I layered the food using boxes and a table cloth; check out that yummy fruit!

Ben and I also made our Easter sugar cookies again this year!

Grampy loves to relax with his grand-dogs!

Our new swing got it's first little kid ride!  This is my brother and his new girlfriend's sweet little son Edward!

Grandma also got to meet her newest Great-granddaughter Ellie!

We have a family tradition of always making the kids line up for a picture before they can go hunting for eggs.  If the kids are smart they use this time to start scoping out where they will run to first!  We had an all boy egg hunt this year, but not for long, next year the girls will get to join the action!

Last year little Aaron was not big enough to pick up eggs, but this year he joined the ranks with a little help from mom!

Donny loved helping Edward find eggs!

Ben designed the ultimate camouflaged egg and Billy was quite proud to be the one to find it!

Two of the little ones Aaron and Audrey enjoyed some cousin bonding time.

Here's a view of all the action going on at the patio!

A proud Grandmere holding her newest grandchild!

Everyone loved holding the cute little girls!

This year's entertainment was foam gliders that the kids could color and throw.  Ben was so thrilled when we found them at the Dollar Tree, he remembers these being quite an expensive treat when he was a kid!

Ah, those sweet moments when brothers are getting along!

Stevie makes the perfect poster child for the strawberry lemonade!  He even figured out how to put the strawberry on his glass!

The kids table was quite crowded this year!

Any time you get this many of the brothers together is the time for a picture, so of course we did!  Even Pam and I got to join in!

And of course my mom and I could not end the day without a picture of us together; we accidentally coordinated our outfits; like mother like daughter!

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter celebration with your family!  Ours was extra special with all our families together and as the day that we joined our local Methodist Church as full members!  We truly were able to celebrate the amazing gifts God has given us!

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