Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jungle Welcome Wreath

This wreath for the Lion King Baby Shower combines two projects I previously blogged about: jungle vines and the paper medallions.

My wreath began life as packing paper for something Ben received at work, it was already nice and crumpled!  You could totally use packing paper if you have it or some of that great brown wrapping paper will work well too, just don't crumple it as tightly as the jungle vines.

To make the frame of my wreath I bent a metal coat hanger into a circle and twisted it together.

Then I very loosely wrapped the paper around the frame.

Then (just like with the jungle vines) I taped leaves cut from crepe paper streamers onto the vine.

I had created a mini medallion and wrote on it "Come on in!" so guest would know they were welcome to walk right into the house and join the party.

To attach it I simply wrapped tape around the wreath and adhered it to the paper of the medallion.

And that's it, super fun and creative!

After making this wreath (it was my first one) I'm temped to try my hand at other wreaths too!
Have you ever made one?

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