Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Make Paper Medallions

Another craft that I made for the Lion King Baby Shower were these paper medallions.  The great thing about them is that they work for any theme, just choose the paper to go with your party!

To make a medallion I took two pieces of scrapbook paper (size 12"x12") and cut them in half (6" wide).  I then folded them accordion style with folds about an inch big; then I taped the four sections together.  To make a mini medallion (all I had to do was cut it in half again and fold at a tinier scale). 

Next tape the two ends to make a circle.  I know this may seem weird but trust me I've made medallions other ways and this way works the best.

Then pinch the top pieces together and force them into the center, slowly making the whole thing lay flat.

This is how it should look, it is okay if there is a hole in the center right now.

I applied a liberal amount of hot glue into the center of the back of the medallion and then held it together while it hardened.

After it cools I flip the medallion over and hot-glue a circle to the center.

Ta-da a super simple craft that packs a lot of punch!

I loved these so much that I made a whole bunch!

We decorated with them in different spots around the house.  They looked great around a door frame!  Here we taped them to the wall using masking tape donuts on the backside (warning: these did fall down after a little while).

We also suspended them from the ceiling using blue thread taped to the back and pined into the ceiling, this is a much more reliable method!

Last year for Easter I made medallions using spring print paper, they work for anything!  Have you tried making them yet?

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