Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Jane Austen Evening, Pasadena 2014

Recently Ben and I, along with several friends, attended our second Jane Austen Evening in Pasadena.  It was a wonderful evening full of splendid dancing, good conversation and food!

The ball is held annually at the beautiful Masonic Temple in South Pasadena.

Upon arrival there were nice people out to greet us!

Of course we had to stop for photos right away while the lighting was perfect!

Et-hem!  Gentlemen keep your eyes up!

Ben calls this our cheesy Prom picture, I think we look like we're about to spin around in circles!

David, handsome as usual, in his officer's uniform.

And monocle!  He was eyeing the ladies with it as he danced!

As you may have noticed Ben is wearing a new coat this year, another quick hack job from an army surplus coat.  It was such a good thing he did, because at the last second our friend Danielle's boyfriend was able to join us so Ben was able to loan him some gentlemen's clothes!

Ben likes posing with the ladies!

Lovely ladies time!

My dear friend Rebekah and I!

For the second year in a row we had a stunning table setting!  This year was courtesy of David and Karrie!

My poor friends were such good sports, I wouldn't let them eat until I had take a group shot at the table!

While we ate there was live entertainment!

This is Jane Austen Unscripted, an improve group that was hilarious!

There's nothing better than sitting back, relaxing and sipping a cup of tea!

Before the dancing began we did some quick lessons for our recent addition.

My friend Lindsey snapped a picture of the back of my gown, and a side view of Rebekah's.  Check out her amazing new trim that she added to the bottom of her gown this year!

Let the dancing begin!  I made it my mission to stand up for every dance this year, and guess what, I did it!!!

Here I am dancing with a very nice gentleman!

Rebekah taking in the view from the balcony.

As always, there was an abundance of ladies and a scarcity of men.  Karrie had a wonderful idea to provide mustaches for the ladies when they were dancing the man's part!

Everyone got a kick out of our little 'staches!  We pinned them to the front of our gowns since they were hard to keep on the lips...

Here we are taking a little breather between sets.

Last picture of the night, after the dancing was all over with.  Thank you Lindsey for providing many of the pictures used in this post (remember how I said I was dancing the whole time, well that means I was not taking pictures...)

This was such a fantastic night, it simply flew by and before I knew it they were calling the last dance!  I wasn't ready to go, my feet weren't even tired yet!  Alas, our balls cannot last as long as the ones in Jane Austen's day did, so I will have to eagerly await the next ball!  If you'd like to view last year's ball click here to enjoy more of the fun!


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