Monday, January 6, 2014

Special Cousin Visit - Auburn & Maggie

My sweet cousin Auburn and her daughter Maggie came for a visit while we were on vacation from school.  We had the best of time together!

We did some baking together.

Gave little Maggie lots of baths (she loves them)!

They were here for our New Year's Eve party, and Maggie was the center of attention with all her cuteness!

On New Year's Day we went to go see the Rose Parade floats, unfortunately they had stopped selling tickets to get in so we had to view them from the fence.

Somehow Maggie ended up in dogcatraz!

Oh my goodness, we went to the park and had the best time!  Just look at her smile!

Okay, so I had fun doing a photo session, couldn't help myself...

I had seen a fun thing to do with your kid on another blog and decided to try it too, put your kid in a cardboard box and let them color away!

Maggie loved standing in the box, but still preferred to color in the coloring book.

We went down to Irvine to visit my mom, who was bursting with excitement to hold Maggie (I think she is ready to be a Grandma).

Then the fun really began, we took Maggie to the Pretend City and she had a ball!

The first thing she did was perform on their stage with some other little kids.

Live baby chicks!

Maggie played farmer and picked the fruit!

I love her thinking face, "Excuse me, I don't believe this is real dirt!"

They had a little bridge her size that she became obsessed with crossing!

Just taking some driving lessons...

Pretend City has a real library, so we stopped to read a bit.

Don't worry, the fish is pretend!

You can pretend to be a dentist!

Those are some big teeth!

Say aaahhh!

Or you can pretend to be a doctor!

After a fun-filled afternoon at Pretend City she was wiped out!

I hope they come back soon!  I miss them already!

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