Monday, January 20, 2014

New Regency Undergarments

I made a rule for myself that I was not allowed to sew another regency gown until I had made the proper undergarments.  That's why two weeks before the ball I began sewing scrambling to make a pair of regency short stays and a regency petticoat.

I used the following for reference:
Simplicity Pattern 4052 (Short Stays)
Simplicity Pattern 4055 (Used the pattern pieces for dress A to help guide me)
Sense and Sensibility: How to Make a Bodiced Petticoat from the Regency Gown Pattern
Diary of a Seamstress: A Regency Petticoat

I actually borrowed the pattern for the short stays from my friend Heather, who informed me that it was actually designed by Sense and Sensibility, super cool!  Step one was to make a muslin mock-up and once I was sure it fit to cut the cotton cotille that I would me making the stays out of.

The outer fabric and the lining were both the cotton cottile.  Here they are all cut out and pieced together, ready for the seams to be ironed.

A close up of the breast pockets.

I can't sew without my sewing buddy!

Now we have double trouble in the sewing room!

Who can say no to that face!?!?!

Continuing with my stays, after I sewed the outer layer together with the lining, added the center boning and Ben sweetly hand-stitched my eyelets, it was time to trim them with bias tape (yes I cheated and bought the stuff from the store, shhh).

I was doing great until I came to the end, seriously an inch too short!?!!?!  One day I'll buy more and fix that little bit, for now it will have to do!

And here we are, all lifted and separated!

Hhhhmmm, maybe I should have made long stays! ;)

Next up was my petticoat!  I love how the tucks came out!  I made the front panel (right) using the pattern piece from my Simplicity gown pattern, the back panel was just a straight rectangle.

I apologize for the lack of construction pictures for the top half, I was in such a rush I forgot to take them.  Basically I used my pattern piece from my handy dandy Simplicity 4055 pattern and just narrowed down the straps to make it look more like a tank top.  I also used the online guide from Sense and Sensibility to help me along and make sure I was on the right track.

I love the way I feel in my new petticoat, it has so much room to skip and dance!  And it supports my new gown so well!  I can really see a difference in the way my chest is supported in the stays and on how the gown fits!

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