Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gingerbread House Party

This weekend I attended an awesome, well planned Gingerbread House Party.

When we arrived at the party there were two tables set up with bowls and bowls of candy and stations set up for each person or couple.

Our base was ready and waiting for us with a pastry bag of icing!  Talk about prepared!

Our hostess had all of the gingerbread house pieces organized and ready for retrieval.

She also had a whole rainbow of frosting colors ready and waiting to be used!

With all the sugary nibbling going on it was fantastic that there was this beautiful cheese platter to help cleanse the pallet!

Here's a progress shot of several of the houses under construction.

Two of my yarn night girls were there working hard on their adorable houses!

And then of course there was Ben, he decided that we couldn't just build a regular old gingerbread house, we needed to build a Tudor Style house, so here he is with a SAW cutting off pieces of the walls to make an overhang.

He also cut off pieces of candy cane to make the support columns.

Then he used chocolate twizlers to make the exterior timbers.

I got to be the icing lady, I would apply it and then spread it with my spatula to look like the plaster.

I'm such a lucky girl to have such awesome friends!  (Meghan, Jen, Me, and Celeste)  The hostess with the mostest is Celeste, on the right!

Jen proudly displayed her finished Gingerbread House!

Another awesome planning moment was that Celeste had cake boxes to put our houses in to travel home and the circular bases fit perfectly in the bottom - so they wouldn't slide around!

House decorating was continuing at the other table.

Here is our completed tudur-style gingerbread house.  After we added the snow around it we decided that it kind of looked like an alpine ski chalet!

But Ben was not finished, he decided that it needed snow on the roof too!

Look it's snowing powdered sugar!

What do you think of our "house"?  Are we crazy people or what???
Did you build a gingerbread house this year?  How did it turn out?

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