Friday, August 2, 2013

Movie Screening of Austenland

We were invited to attend a screening for the new movie Austenland in Beverly Hills this past weekend.   They asked us to come in period attire; of course we willingly agreed!

Here's our group with one of the actors, he's the tan guy next to Ben in the center.

Mr. Darcy even came to the screening!  He's quite the handsome chap, but I have to say I think Mr. C is most handsome of the two!

The movie was actually quite cute!  I was expecting something about the level of "Lost in Austen" which I did not particularly enjoy, but this film exceeded my expectations!  It had me laughing and rooting for the characters.  Here's a trailer for it, if you like Jane Austen movies I recommend you watch it.

After the movie they had a nice little reception for us.

There was a crew from the Anglophile Channel doing interview about the movie.  The girls and I even braved the cameras and microphone!

The Anglophile Channel is all about people who love England.

They even had goodie bags for us!  We each received a tote bag that matched a prop in the movie.

And they served tea in these fun little tea cups that we got to keep too!

And inside the tote bag was an I <3 Darcy and an Austenland calendar!

Ah the perks of reenacting!  This was so much fun, I hope we get to do more movie screenings like this!

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