Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Sew a Slipcover for a Popazon Chair

In preparation for having family over for Easter we had some spring cleaning to do.  The problem here is that some items are difficult to "clean."  This popazon cushion has seen better days, and sadly there was no way it would fit in my washing machine.  Therefore I decided a simple solution would be to make a slipcover for it!

Look at this thing?  Pretty nasty right!?!?  I don't think anyone would want to sit on that!  That's why something had to be done...

I bought a double sized fitted sheet for cheap.  To find out the size I would need to cut it down to I simply laid it out on the floor and put the popazon cushion on top.  Of course Lucy was there helping me right away - good ol' paperweight dog!

I simply cut around the shape of my cushion leaving an extra 8" for wrapping around it.  Then I folded over the edges to make a channel for the elastic to go in.  The great thing about buying a fitted sheet, was that I only had to do this for two sides, the other two were done for me, I just had to curve them in.

I had also purchased a new piece of elastic, although you could re-purposed the one the came with the sheet.  I attached a safety-pin in the end of it, and pushed it through the channel.  On the left is the original channel, the right is the new one I made.

Seriously, the safety-pin is your best friend, it makes it so easy!

And that was it, ta-da it looks nice and clean now!  We now put the cover on whenever we expect guests, so that it doesn't get dirty.  Of course the nice thing is, we could always just wash it!

Gota love our "patio" furniture!  We'll buy some real stuff in time...

Have you done any thrifty makeovers lately?  Do share!

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