Saturday, April 20, 2013

House Hunt Update

We FINALLY have a house hunt update for everyone!  We started looking for a house exactly a year ago, and yesterday we found out from our realtor that our offer on the short-sale we put an offer on back in September has been accepted by the bank!  Now the house has a second mortgage from a different bank, but most likely we will be accepted also.  Hooray!

It is a beautiful little three bedroom two bathroom house with a large (at least we think so) backyard!  We would be so fortunate to be able to own this house.  Looks like a great little cottage doesn't it?

Of course, the timing for this could not be more complicated.  May is our busiest month, with two reenactments, Mother's Day, both of our Mom's birthdays, a close friend's wedding AND I just accepted a new job starting this Tuesday working for an after school program!  I'm confident in the Lord that he will make it all work out!

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