Monday, March 11, 2013

An Almost Spring Sunday

Is it spring yet?  Almost, and you can tell!  The flowers are blooming and my seedlings are sprouting!  The past two Sundays Ben, Lucy and I have been enjoying lots of crafting (which you will see soon) and hiking in the nearby regional park!

I loved starting my Sundays off by going to church and then coming home to enjoy this new tea we got at Cost Plus.  Mmmmm, I almost feel like I'm in England!

The beginnings of the next generation of our garden box are sprouting up, some tomato and basil plants!

They are sitting in the kitchen window where they get lots of indirect light and it is warm.

Outside I had noticed some shoots coming up, they surprised me with dainty little white flowers!

The dwarf peach trees in the backyard are blossoming too!

With all this beautiful nature in our yard we felt like getting out and experiencing more; so off to do some geocaching and hiking in a nearby park we went!

Lucy is the best little hiking dog, she just loves going with us and never needs to take a break (unless it is to sniff something of course).

The picture doesn't quite show it, but we could see all the way to Catalina island!  It is to the right of Ben.

There were so many beautiful wild flowers blooming!

We had to leave the main trail for some of our geocaches and sometimes the grass got a little tall for Lucy.

This was an interesting spiky ball we came across!

Oooo how I loved walking through this tree tunnel!!!

After our nice hike we ended our fun-filled day with some archery in the backyard!

How was your Sunday, do anything fun?

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