Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Black and White Bridal Shower

Back in May I attended the most beautiful bridal shower in honor of my friend Jen.  It was a beautiful day in Southern California for an outdoor shower.  The party was hosted by a interior designer, and boy did she do a beautiful job.  The theme was black and white with polkadots and damask patterns.

As the guest arrived they were greeted by this sign:

Even the planter matched!

Here is an example of one of the tables all decked out for the shower.

The party guests all stayed in the shade of the patio to socialize.

The hostess said that she purchased this dish set at Target (can you believe it!?!?!) and it has worked great for many different occasions.

They plated our food in the kitchen and then served everyone when they were seated.  Look at the adorable flower they added to the chicken salad croissant sandwich!!!  On the side was broccoli salad and a caprese skewer.

Dessert was homemade raspberry mouse in a chocolate heart!

The table decor was all bridal!  From this brides dress bud holder.

To this miniature dress form in a bridal gown and veil.

There was even a very elegant beverage station.  I never did figure out what the black and white things (that looked like marshmallows) were in the centerpiece.  I love the tea box, such a great idea!

I can only hope to one day throw a bridal shower as amazing as this for someone one day!

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