Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Doggy Birthday Party

In our family we LOVE our dogs.  Hunter is my parent's third child, especially after we left them with an empty nest...  The great thing about Hunter is that he LOVES to unwrap gifts and play with toys.  Throwing a birthday party for him is much more entertaining than it would be for our other pups, as you'll see from their party guests behavior (not the best).  We've thrown him several parties in the past, but his 11th birthday was the most memorable, he may be an old dog but he is still a party animal!

This dog is so patient, he let us snap away while he posed with his gifts.

Here is Hunter with his party guests (Lucy and Edward) ready for goodies!

Hunter liked that the dog on the birthday present was the same color as him!

Mom wanted a picture with her birthday boy.
Can you guess which two dogs love to eat?  Lil Lucy, not so much....

She won't eat it, but she won't share either...

My mom went all out, she even drew paw prints on his packages!

This dog LOVES to unwrap gifts!  Just don't take them away from him, I've learned the hard way...

Hunter, you've got a lil something on your lip...

My mom even had goodies for all the party guests!

He was so good, he wouldn't unwrap his gift till you told him he could! 

I think he likes the tissue better than the toy!

I made Hunter this tie from a man's tie at Goodwill.  Doesn't he look handsome in it???

And my brother gave him this humongous toy that was bigger than him, and by far his favorite gift!

The proud parents with their boy! 

Are there any other crazy families out there that celebrate their dog's birthday?  Or is it just us???

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