Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dana Point Festival of Sails

This past weekend Ben and I were able to join the Historical Naval Society at the Dana Point Festival of Sails.  We dressed for the year 1815 and there was a skit presented on board the Pilgrim portraying a battle between the Royal Navy and pirates (this was chosen because it is a crowd pleaser).

Here I am with the Royal Marines and Midshipman Garrett, such a handsome group of men!

Make way for the prisoner's procession!

The skit began Katrina singing "Yo Ho" in the errie way from the movie "Pirates of the Caribean."

Here comes trouble... 

The infamous Jean Lafitte  about to be hung!

The cast at the end of the show! 

The beautiful Pilgrim.

Sailor Tom.

Marine Ben!

Marine Drummer Gil!

Our friends Ashley, Maurice and Saffron their dog.

Kristen and Tom

Just us...

Scaling the rocks!

Christmas card photo!?!?!?

We got to the harbor early Sunday morning and enjoyed walking around looking at all the lovely ships.  It felt like we were Lyme!

I just adored Midshipman Garrett!

The Marines!

The guys posing after their cannon demonstration.

Overall a very enjoyable weekend.  There is nothing like being near the ocean and enjoying the cool salt breeze!

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