Monday, August 13, 2012

Labeled Baking Canisters

Have I mentioned that I love the new Martha Stewart line of office supplies?  One of her new products is removable chalkboard labels.  These looked like so much fun I just had to try them myself.

The game plan: to adhere them to my baking canisters.

I bought them prior to our moving but then packing caused this project to take a backseat.  Now that we're all settled in, the project has commenced.  Of course I needed to take a new before picture...

They were super easy to attach, but just in case you got it wrong they are removable an excellent feature!  Then all you have to do is ask your wonderful calligrapher husband to write on them for you and you're all set!

I think they look so nice and cozy next to the stand mixer, ready for baking at a moments notice!!!

It is the little touches that count for helping to make a house a home.  I love that I can think of my sweet Ben every time I reach for one of these jars!  What have you done to customize your home?

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