Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Memory of Aunt Diane

My family suffered a real tragedy this week, my wonderful Aunt Diane passed away.  The good news is she loved the Lord and Jesus Christ so we know we'll see her again one day in heaven, but for now we are all missing her terribly.

Aunt Diane was very crafty and loved to decorate.  She was often called Martha Stewart (her school even made her a Martha bear when she retired)!  I wish I had more pictures of her amazing work, but alas I could only appreciate her skills in the past few years when I learned how much fun it was.  She touched so many lives in her short time her on Earth, and we expect hundreds of people to show up at her memorial today.

I have the best memories of going to her house in Yosemite to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Each year she thought of a new theme and decorated with a little twist!

One year she created the Jackson Lodge:

Then we had Thanksgiving Down on the Farm (we all dressed in our best studs and cowboy hats!)

We also had the Thanksgiving at Moose Lodge (Yes, the trailer has been Moosed!)

Although Thanksgiving was her main event each year, she did a beautiful job at other occasions too!  Such as Christmas!

And themed birthday parties too!

Most recently though she threw her daughter the most beautiful baby shower!  It was teddy bear and rose themed.

Aunt Diane you have inspired us all with your creativity and love of creating warm family gatherings.  You were such a loving and giving person, always spreading the warmth of your love with everyone.  You were much loved and we miss you sooooo much already!

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