Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding Week

I did it, I survived wedding planning!  I had been looking forward to it so much, and I did greatly enjoy it, but I am so glad to never have to do it again...  After way too many hours watching "Say Yes to the Dress," "Who's Wedding is it Anyways?" "4 Weddings" and other such shows I had my vision for my wedding and how I was going to go about getting there.

It all started with being prepared and creating the most perfect wedding planning binder.
I studied all sorts of resources from the internet, and then designed everything the way I wanted it to be.

Next was designing Save the Dates and Invitations.  With a graphic designer husband and a printer for a father in law, this had to be done by hand...

We also wanted other personal handmade touches in our wedding, so I'll be featuring all of those ideas and sharing all of my printables.

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Missing Photos

I apologize for a lot of missing pictures, especially in older posts. I was using PhotoBucket to host my pictures, but they've changed their rules and no longer allow links to them.
I will be re-uploading the pictures, but it may take some time...