Monday, June 11, 2012

The Great Apartment Cleanup!

After two consecutive weekends of camping (1st weekend - 18th century style, 2nd weekend - modern with church friends), and having very busy weeks in between, our apartment became a disaster!  To make matters more urgent, than my complete sanity, my cousin and her 3 month old were coming to stay with us on the following weekend.  We had to act fast, clean up and clean. (Don't forget we'd been gone one the weekends and unable to maintain our normal cleaning habits)

Here are some before pictures, oh the horror! 

Clothes were everywhere!  We had reenacting clothes being aired out and normal laundry hanging up to dry.

I think this was the worst room of all, our guest bedroom is so easy to close the door on and just avoid, and that is what had been happening, oh the shame!

Our master bedroom had laundry everywhere!

Everything was piling up, even Lucy's stuff!!!

The fantastic news is, I don't have school on Wednesdays so on my 1st Wednesday off I went straight to work!   Now enjoy the lovely afters!


Our goal now is to never let it get this bad again!  Let's see if we can keep it...

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