Monday, May 7, 2012

Guest Bathroom Organization

When my previous roommate moved out and my husband moved into my apartment I decided to dedicate the 2nd bathroom to our guests.  I made a rule, only things for guests would be allowed in there.  That way it was prepared for people visiting for the afternoon and for people spending the night.

The bathroom has a slight nautical theme to it, the inspiration came from my husband's ship model.

 Next to the sink, you will see a frame with a note in it.

 Here is what the note says:

 Upon opening the medicine cabinet you will find it stocked with the many things a guest might need!
(Deodorant, chap-stick, hair gel, band-aids, mouth wash, cotton swabs, cotton balls, hair accessories, floss, travel disposable tooth brushes, disposable cup, tooth brush and toothpaste)

I think my favorite part are these jars that I purchased for $10 for the set and labeled with my label maker.

 Below the sink you will find more items a guest might need/have forgotten and of course the always important stash of TP!  (Towels, tooth brushes, razors, soap, etc)

 Another favorite part, my labeled bins:  First Aid, Medicine, and Female Products!

Everything is self-serve, that way there are no awkward moments!

What have you done to make your guests feel at home?

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