Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coffee Station

One of my favorite blogs to read is IHeart Organizing.  One day while I was reading Jen's blog I came across her coffee station, and thought that it was genius idea!  Hence our own coffee station was born!

Jen gave several examples for how to set one up, here is my favorite:

I just loved the way she made the plain coffee maker look so inviting by adding a tray, her favorite mug and some flowers!  Also note, that is a bowl of whole coffee beans sitting where the cup goes in the coffeemaker, genius!

For my own coffee station I re-purposed a tray from a collection of fun colored sushi trays I had inherited from my Grannie, picking my favorite teal colored one that matches the color theme in the kitchen.  I placed our bag of coffee on it (we buy Klatch Coffee because it is fair trade and is a local coffee shop we want to support), a bowl of sweeteners, and of course the all important coffee scooper.

Check out the way the "new" teal tray fits with with the decor of my kitchen, yay!

The kitchen's colors are teal and brown, so the tray was a perfect match.  I only have 3 drawers, therefore my oven-mitts have become wall decor, which makes them quite convenient...  This was such a quick easy update that made a pleasant difference in our tiny kitchen!

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  1. This is a great idea and looks so nice! I love that the oven mitts are hanging on the wall next to the oven/range. A perfect way to both liven up the place and get creative when one has limited drawer space. Now I gotta find some thumbtacks/pushpins...


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