Monday, April 23, 2012

1st Post

Welcome to my new lifestyle blog!  I am so excited to be beginning this chapter.  For years I have been watching the Martha Stewart show and reading her blog (and her dogs' blog too).  Recently I discovered the wonderful world of nonfamous people blogs also!  After reading many other blogs about homekeeping, childrearing, teaching, reenacting, and everything craftiness I have decided to create my own blog that encompassess all these things.  My goal will be to feature the goings-on in my family abode.  We are people with way too many interests: to begin we are a very crafty family, I have a slight obsession with organizing, we love animals, we are interested in gardening, we are historical reenactors portraying the English in the 1700's and early 1800's, we love children and I am currently a substitute teacher striving to be a full-time teacher.  All of these interests will hopefully be featured right here. As others have inspired me, I hope to inspire others.

Currently it is just my husban Ben, my Chihuahua Lucy and myself living in our two bedroom apartment, but hopefully oneday that will change (in a good way)!  Thanks for following my little blog.

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Missing Photos

I apologize for a lot of missing pictures, especially in older posts. I was using PhotoBucket to host my pictures, but they've changed their rules and no longer allow links to them.
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