Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Cottage Fall Decor Tour

Hooray on the calendar it says it's officially fall, now people won't mind that the wind blew in a little fall decor into my house! Who am I kidding, it's more than just a little and I've totally had it up since Labor Day weekend, to me the start of September is close enough of an excuse to decorate for fall. Come see a few of my favorite fall decor decorations.

Hello! Welcome to the cottage! Please hang up your coat (hahaha like it's cold enough for one of those) and hat and allow me to show you my favorite fall decor areas.

In the entryway I have this mirror from my grandmother, I love to change up the decorations that I place on it.

This is our family room all set and ready for snuggling on the couch. My decor options have changed as Carolyn grows and changes, anything breakable has to be kept out of reach.

Our side table has this cute "Fall Favorite Things" printable that Ben designed for me, you can get a free copy of it here.

I love watching leaves falling from the trees, and one way I incorporate them into the room is by tucking them behind my picture frames. I love that it puts a pop of color on this black and white picture display.

We were married in November, so it tickles me that my wedding picture is "in season."

Of course my duck collection is always in season.

I love this perspective from the dining table, you can tell I also have a thing for candelabras.

I used to have a gorgeous, large glass vase that I'd use in all different ways, but I'm concerned it may get knocked over so it's had to go into hiding. Soft fluffy pumpkins and wood decorations it is!

This was my grandmother's hutch that I inherited and LOVE! I have several of her pieces that she always kept on it, and of course I've kept them in the same spots and then added my own decorations to it.

In case you wanted to know what the whole piece looked like, here it is. Check out those hinges!

My breakable decor has been safely added here for the season, I would hate for my ceramic chihuahua to loose an ear!

Even though I made this table centerpiece long before Carolyn was even conceived, it has ended up being the perfect toddler friendly table topper. She loves playing with everything, and guess what, it all came from the Dollar Tree so I don't mind! In fact, they pretty much sell all the same stuff so you could totally make one this year too! Find out how I made it here.

You can also see how I decorated my house back in 2013 here and the previous cottage we lived in here.

I know a lot of people are complaining that it doesn't feel like fall yet, but it never does at this time here in So Cal, we just have to pretend. Are you pretending it's fall yet or are you waiting?


  1. Your home is beautiful. I need to start getting ready for Fall/Autumn :)

  2. Love your home! Warm and so inviting. Ready to greet your fall guests. Happy Fall, Kippi

  3. Loni, you have your home all dressed for fall. It is so warm and inviting. Happy Autumna,

  4. Lots of pretty ideas here Loni. I love how you have added the leaves into the gallery wall and also that window is fantastic!

  5. We don't really decorate our homes for fall in the Uk which is a shame. I love all your decorations.

  6. Beautiful! So warm and inviting. The photo family tree above the piano is just gorgeous, too.

  7. I really enjoyed the tour of your fall home! It finally feels like fall here, at least for a while. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. So pretty! I especially love the arrangement over the piano.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  9. You have certainly added lots of festive fall fun to your home! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things. Happy fall!


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