Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cookies & Milk - A 1st Birthday Party

Our friend's sweet little daughter turned one this summer and they threw her the cutest little Cookies and Milk 1st birthday party! I never would have thought of that theme, and it was simply darling!

As soon as you entered the room you were greeted with the birthday girl's throne and a giant cookie!

They planned ahead for all their young party guests and had this adorable playpen, complete with cookie pillows, ready for them.

The stage was set for the birthday girl's big moment.

Instead of cake we had COOKIES! Of course there was food too, but it wasn't cookies so I forgot to take a picture of it...

Check out these cute milk bottle cookies she made! It's a sugar cookie shaped like a bottle with an oreo frosted/glued on top with a straw.

What's a cookie party without some milk to go with it? And some other refresments for those who don't drink milk anymore...

And of course there were cookie decorations galore! 

The adult party favors were more cookies! She filled these bottles with all sorts of tiny cookie cereals. I greatly enjoyed snacking on mine on the car ride home, it totally took me down memory lane when I used to eat sugary cereal like this.

The party favors for the kids were handmade crochet milk boxes with cookies that fit inside, made by the grandmother of the birthday girl. There was a sugar cookie with pink frosting, good ol' chocolate chip, and an oreo, yum!

This was such an excellent party favor, they are actually something Carolyn loves to play with all the time in her little kitchen.

She also made herself an adorable cookie headband!

There was lots of fun activities for the kids to do, like Color a Cookie. The bucket is filled with lots of cookie cutter shapes for the kids to trace. 

The kids could also play Cookie Toss.

Carolyn loved Spill the Milk, of course knocking things down has always been one of her favorite activities...

Now onto the party! Look at how adorable the little birthday girl is!

Of course she had cookies on her birthday cake!

It's no wonder this little girl turned out so cute!

Happy Birthday sweet little Zy!

I love seeing unique and clever birthday parties like this one! Especially when everything is handmade instead of store bought! Well done!


  1. My dear Loni, this was just the cutest party! I have never seen a cookies and milke birthday party, but I absolutely love it! What a fun and clever idea :)

    Thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy your day! Hugs

    1. I thought so too, that's why I just HAD to share it! I just loved the crochet goodies!

  2. This is such a cute party. What a unique concept x #BloggersBest

  3. My goodness. I'd like this party for my 70th! What fun!!!!!!

  4. What a cute theme! I love the party favors!

  5. What a darling party! I love the favors. What thoughtful take home gifts. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Such a cute party, with so many details. I love the party favours, both for the adults and the children. Thank you so much for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned.

  7. Excellent theme! Who doesn't love cookies?! :)


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