Monday, April 25, 2016

Harry Potter Bachelorette Party

My dear friend Lauren loves all things Harry Potter, so for her bachelorette party we decided to do a Harry Potter theme!  Talk about fun!  This is an especially great theme to do at night.

The number one thing that made the ambiance for this party special was the use of candles, real and fake.  We suspended battery operated tea lights wrapped in paper from the ceiling using fishing line.  And had real candle sticks on the table.

With lots of other candles spread around it made the whole room glow.

I made the fireplace glow with floo powder, and some battery operated Christmas lights tucked behind green tissue paper.

In case you didn't see this little guy hanging in the corner, it's my own golden snitch made by Ben using a Christmas ornament and some feathers.  

Lauren's twin sister knitted house bookmarks for studying.

She also made us all house scarfs and wands!

Before dinner we set-up an appetizer table with all sorts of themed treats.

We had Herbology cups for healthy eating.

And of course drinks are required.

We made Butterbeer using cream soda, root beer, butterscotch flavoring (the kind you put on ice cream), and whipped cream.  I have to say it was delicious!

My friend Meghan made the snitch pops!  She thought they came out ugly so she claimed that Hagrid made them...

Our party favors were lotions with tiny keys.

If you went to the loo, Moaning Myrtle was there to greet you!  Ben printed her for me on a piece of vellum at work.

One of our activities for the night was making face potions (aka face masks).  I'd show you a picture but the girls would never forgive me!
 We devised a way to play Quidditch - bachelorette style using two basketball hoops, some cups and ping pong balls.  The goal was to bouce the ball through the hoop and land it in a cup.

This could be quite challenging!

We dressed up to look like we were students/teachers.  This is my young Mcgonagall look.

Another fun activity we did was tea leaf reading.

Lauren got super excited that she had a dog in her cup!  Until we all reminded her that it was in fact THE GRIM!

Speaking of dogs, Teddy was very curious as to what was happening in the fire place! 

This party was so much fun, I didn't want to take down the decorations!  So here they are the next day in daylight...

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  1. I really liked this harry potter bachelorette party. Seems like everyone is having great fun. The arrangements are simply adorable. Want to have something best for my friend’s bachelorette party at one of Seattle venues. Hope will be able to arrange memorable one.


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