Monday, June 23, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg Visit 2014

One of the highlights of our East Coast trip was getting to spend a day in Colonial Williamsburg.

We arrive super early, so early in fact that the visitor's center wasn't open and the tram wasn't running yet.  That was okay though, we instead took a most delightful walk from the parking area to the historic area.  Along our way there was a bridge with fun plaques.

Our personal favorite:

We were also enthralled with the ambiance this other bridge created in the morning mist.

The walking trail led us into the outskirts of the town, in the more "country" area.

I had a fun time selecting houses to wish to live in, this was a top contender.

Of course we were also drawn towards the local militia's company street.

As we were walking along another visitor informed us that there were one day old lambs just up the lane.  We hasted to see them ourselves and were not disappointed with the cuteness!

With our extra time Ben sat down to sketch the capitol building.

If you look closely you can see an asphalt road that divides the historic area from the "modern" area where regular people live.

Here is the main street on which all of the shops are located.

This is the courthouse, which we forgot to go inside!  So much to see, so little time!

We encountered this early riser, a soldier on sentry duty.

I don't know which I loved more, the historic architecture or the historic style gardens!

This is the magazine (a place for storing ammunition and arms).

Half the muskets were replicas the other half were originals.

I loved the way they did their public talks, this was the storming of the Governor's mansion, in front of the crowd were the main presenters, but mixed into the crowd were "local town's people" who were each expressing their opinion.  It added a great effect!

Unfortunately there wasn't much in the storming department, just a lot of speech-ifying...

We ended up walking down the road looking for a nice shady spot to apply sunscreen, we found the most perfect arbor with a beautiful view.

Later on when in a shop, we came across our same photo turned into a postcard!  Apparently we have good photography taste!

Again more gardens, we were enthralled I tell you!

The Episcopal church was beautiful and still holds services!

This would be the Governor's chair,  you'd think he was royalty!

A garden with shop adjoining it.

We took lots of pictures for reference in our own garden.  We plan to install similar trellises for our green beans.

I love spotting squirrels wherever we go.

Another favorite feature was all of the trade shops.  This lady was teaching visitors how to make country baskets from white oak saplings.

The cobbler was quite fun to watch.

Ben's favorite was the printing office.

The printer is attaching the paper to be printed on.

This is the set type (what is going to be printed).

Here is where all the letters and characters are stored, in case you need a few more...

The printer is rubbing ink around on the pouncers.

Then he pounces the ink onto the type.

Closing the frame around the paper - he was such a friendly guy!

We really enjoyed chatting with him in between field trip groups that kept walking in.

It took a long time for the kids to guess why it was called a "press" and not a pull!

And the finished product!

Ben was eating it up!

Just a few finished documents...

I'm sure you'd never guess this, my favorite was the millinery/manuta maker!

Here they had displays of gentlemen and ladies clothing.

We LOVED chatting with Sarah and her apprentices.

She was so knowledgeable and super friendly!

Another fun shop was the silver smith!

This is a view of the back workroom, lots of fun tools in here!

The wig makers shop was equally interesting.  We've been talking about getting Ben a wig for his interpretation, I don't think we could afford any here...

All I could think of was the scene in Little Women where Jo burns a trendle of Meg's hair off while curing it with a similar tool to these!

There was also the apothecary.

Ooo yes, and another favorite of Ben's, the joinery - where they join wood!

Do you know who's stool this is?  I'll give you a hint, I took a picture of the original at the Smithsonian of American History.

Oh how I longed to go on a carriage ride, but I just couldn't justify the cost so I settled for a picture.

Later in the day we took a tour of the Capitol Building.  Williamsburg was originally the capitol of Virginia!

I highly doubt they would have left important documents just lying around like this...

But it looks good in pictures!

Our awesome tour guide!

Then we visited the jail, starting inside the jailer's house.

I would not want to be locked up in here!

But Ben didn't mind!

Ahhhh, then on to the lap of luxury in the Governor's Palace.

I loved the grounds.

If I lived here, I would sit on this bench reading books everyday!

The Governor's Palace actually burned down, but was rebuilt by the Rockefellers using very accurate drawings, descriptions and inventories.

I loved this map of the colonies, the land just stretches west to ???

The governor had to impress his visitors with his power.

The daughters room.  We got to sleep in a beautiful four-poster bed just like this one at our friend's house!  It was as magical as it looks!

I loved the way they displayed it, with clothes strewn on chairs, just like a typical teenager!

I'll be honest, I totally danced around in this room pretending I was invited to a ball here.

Then to tour the cellars!  These are the only remaining parts to the original house.

The kitchens were very fun to visit!  I've actually made food from recipes off their website!

All that food is real folks!  They said when it starts looking bad, they throw it out and make a fresh one.

Wish we could have been there when they were actually preparing one of these dishes.

As we were walking along we said hello to Lafayette.
We also passed a drum and fife corps.

We concluded our amazing day with a special dinner at the King's Arms, based on our friend Kyle's recommendation.

Their dining rooms were lovely!

We skipped lunch (eating just light snacks) so we'd have the $ and space in our tummies for this special dinner.

They provided you with extra-large napkins for tying around your neck to protect your clothes.  Ben is ready to eat!

We split a game pie.  I'm not sure what compelled me, but I could tell Ben really wanted to try it and I said let's go for it; it was delicious!

About halfway through eating it, I mentioned to Ben, "I know there is venison in this, but I forget what else is in this?"
His face fell, "You don't want me to tell you what else is in this.  It's rabbit."
"WHAT???  Cute little bunnies???" I cried!  "What else?"
"No," Ben moaned, "You don't want to hear it, duck."
"Not my favorite-est quack quacks!!!  It's a pie of the cute and sweet animals!!!"

Well, I suffered through eating that delicious pie, but I'll don't think I'll be ordering one again anytime soon...

Our dining room was sweet and charming.

As we waited for the tram, since our feet could walk no more, we took one last ambient picture.

And that concludes our visit of amazing and wonderful Colonial Williamsburg.  If you haven't visited it before, I highly suggest you go!

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