Monday, October 14, 2013

Tardis Blue Night Stand

We have another trash to treasure story for you today!  This little night stand was on the curb for trash pickup but we saved it and inadvertently painted it Tardis blue!

Here is how the little night stand began.  Lovely oak finish and flower power drawer pulls!

Okay, so the finish was not so lovely after all.  This little guy needed some love!  I guess that was why it was going to the dump...  We began by sanding it down (you can see we already started on the side here).

Then came two coats of white primer.

It already looked amazing in white!

And then of course two coats of blue!  We knew we wanted a nice bright blue since it would be going in our guest bedroom, but we weren't super picky about it matching anything.  We simply scaned the paint chips and selected the one we were drawn to most Deep Sea Diving by Valspar at Lowes.

We painted it up and attempted to put some new drawer pulls on.  Of course it helps to measure the distance between the holes when going shopping, which I forgot to do.  So the new drawer pulls went back and we decided the flower power ones did not look so bad after all.

When we proudly showed our friend our work, he instantly pointed out our nice color selection.  Wow, I guess were bigger Dr. Who fans than we knew!

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  1. I really REALLY love the color! I am about to paint 2 nightstands and this will go perfect in my room. Thanks for the post, I love that you just found that on the side of the road and made it super cute! I do have a question though. I went to Lowe's to get the same color and Deep Sea Diving looks SUPER dark compared to your pics. Did it come out lighter? Maybe the pics just make it look lighter? There was a similar color with a very similar name that was lighter, it was something like Deep Sea Blue....any chance it was that one?


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