Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm Participating in a Tea Cup Exchange!

I'm super excited to be participating in a tea cup and mug exchange this fall offered by The Enchanting Rose!

Earlier this year I had read about one of my favorite bloggers Heidi Lyn from Typative Mama Cat participating in this same exchange.  It looked like so much fun, and I was bummed not to be a part of it. Well now I get my chance!  You get to chose if you'd like to send and receive a tea cup and/or a mug.  I chose to go tea cup (of course).  Although don't get me wrong, I'm totally obsessed with drinking coffee right now, since the pumpkin spice creamer is available again...

I'll be posting pictures of the cup I choose to send and the one that I receive.  It would be great if you signed up as well!

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