Friday, August 9, 2013

Family Picture Tree

We have a new decoration in our house!  It's not 1 picture frame, but 9!

Slowly but surely we're decorating our new house.  When we moved in I quickly realized that we didn't have as much stuff as I thought we had, because there were so many empty spaces and especially the walls seemed so bare.  This was great news, because I had always felt guilty for having so much "stuff," and now Ben and I get to slowly define our style taste together.  But this is not something we can go on a shopping spree and complete in one weekend.  That means clearance items are my favorite!  Look at this discount I found at Bed Bath and Beyond, from $50 to $25 all for a broken branch!!!

We opened it up in the store, just to see how badly it was broken.  Nothing a little super glue couldn't fix! What a steal!

When we brought it home the first thing I did was lay out all the frames on the floor just to make sure I really did like it.  Even though we got the set for a killer deal, $25 is still a lot of money to us so I wanted to make sure we both really did like this and would want to keep it up in our house for years to come.

Since the answer was yes, we unfolded the super handy wall template and taped it up.  We first attempted to do this with my Dollar Tree painters tape, but it wouldn't stick and I got so mad at the dumb tape not ever working that it went into the trash can.  Some items are not worth the discount, painter's tape is one of them!

Placement approved, the nails went in and the pictures were hung in place to make double sure.

Then came the fun part, narrowing my vast collection of pictures down to just 9!  I copied and pasted the website picture of the tree into photo editing program and then tested out different pictures until I was satisfied.  I also added the picture sizes so that when Ben was printing them for me he could easily tell which how large to make each one.  The left half of the tree is my family and the right half of the tree is Ben's family. The large center picture is our wedding party (which is also 90% family, with the exception of Ben's best man who is his best friend Ben).

We liked the way the sample looked with all black and white photographs, so to keep our pictures looking unified we did the same thing.  Ta-da, we actually have pictures on the wall now!

What super deals have you found lately?  Anything to recommend?

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