Sunday, October 7, 2012

Boat Themed Baby Shower

On Saturday was my dear cousin Jamie's baby shower.  She is expecting a baby boy and they made the nursery ocean themed.  To continue this theme the shower was boat themed.

Come inside and see the festivities!

I was able to make the cake for the party, my aunt had already set the perfect little sail boats next to where the cake would go.  The colors matched perfectly!

On all the tables outside she had these adorable center pieces!  The were made from a party chip tray with plants in the dip section, toy boats water plants and complete with gold fish!

Here is the new mommy in front of the delicious lunch buffet!

My cousins have always been like sisters to me, so here we are together from left to right:
Me, Aunt Mickie, Lindsey and Jamie

Here is the new mommy opening up the gifts I gave her: some homemade burp cloths.
 And a handmade fleece blanket to match the nursery.

I'll be posting tutorials on how to make the cake, burp cloths and fleece blanket coming up soon!

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