Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Printables

After featuring the insides of my wedding binder I wanted to share with you printables so that you could make your own binder!

Planning Timeline:
Here is a time order list of everything I felt was important to accomplish based off of many other guides I had found out there (this is a 2 page document).
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Bakery Survey:
For this printable I put a spot at the top to list the flavors and fillings you want to try.  Then there is a section to complete on pricing.  At the bottom is a table to fill out based on the tastings.  I provided a column for flavors, three columns for people's scores and the last column to average them all up.  I recommend giving the cake a score best out of 10.
Click Here to Print
Venue Survey:
We were looking for a ceremony and reception site in the same location, therefore the venue survey has questions about both that and catering.  You may want to only use the pages you need based on your wedding plans (the whole document is 6 pages).

DJ Survey:
Here are some suggested questions to ask potential DJs (this is a 2 page document).

Name Change List:
After you are married you'll be glad you saved this list.  It can be tricky to remember all the places your maiden name when it comes time to get it changed to your new married name.

I hope that many other brides to be can use some or all of these documents.  Let me know if they help!

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