Friday, June 22, 2012

More Wedding Printables

Being crafty people, we wanted to make sure our wedding had enough DIY present.  Therefore homemade coloring books and scrapbook pages for our guest book were a must have!

Guestbook Scrapbook
I found this scrapbook at Homegoods for around $15, looks nice and weddingy to me without the wedding price tag!  We put out the scrapbook pages with cups of markers and pens and our guests went crazy!

Then I had Mr. Graphic Designer husband create me the wedding scrapbook pages based off of my preliminary design.  I think his turned out much better, don't you?

And here is a version for you to print in case you would like to use it too!  FYI this was designed to be printed on 12x12" paper.  We found a local print shop that printed them for us on good cardstock.

We are going to put pictures of the guest in the picture spot, but some of the guests drew great illustrations for us!  Here are some examples of their artwork:

Can you tell that these are our reenactor friends? :)

Photo Checklist
I made a list of all the pictures I really wanted my photographer to take, that way when the wedding day came we would be trying to "remember" to take them all, because I was sure there would be a lot to remember! (3 page document)

Coloring Books:
Ben custom traced a bunch of pictures of us over our three years of dating together to compile a fun coloring book.  Then I used the internet to create crossword puzzles, word searches and mazes to add extra entertainment.

These were designed for the kidos, but apparently the adults really liked them too!

If you would like to make one too just go to this website.

You can also create your own word search and other puzzles here.

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