Friday, June 1, 2012

Bark in the Ball Park

On Wednesday we went to the Quake's Bark in the Ball Park game.  The Quakes are a local minor league baseball team.  Everyone had such a good time, humans and dogs alike!  Take a moment and see what all the barking was all about!

Lucy was very excited to get to go to her 1st baseball game!  Woof!

Here is our happy little family!

Ben loves any opportunity to use his binoculars.  Our seats were so good that he really didn't need them though...

The Quake's mascot Tremor was up to all sorts of shenanigans!

Lucy is still deciding if she wants to be friends with puppy Isabel.

My favorite part!  The local animal shelter brought lots of dogs that are available!  They said that "senior citizen" (dogs over 7) are free to adopt!!!!

Tremor stopped by to say Hi!

Lucy loves getting her groove on!

Daisy was a bit bashful...

And Isabel was having a grand ol' time!!!

The view from the stadium was breathtaking!  It was such a nice warm night too!

 There were so many dogs there!  Some even came in their sports gear!

There was more than baseball for entertainment.  They played the dating game!  Tremor was blindfolded and had three beautiful girls to choose from!  After a quick sniff, he chose the one for him!

They even played the YMCA song and the girls got their groove on!

Alas Lucy is not as young as she used to be, and started to loose energy...

By the end of the night, the girls were all tuckered out!

We love doing activities with our dog!  Do you know of any other fun things to take your dog to?

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