Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Colonial Faire West 2012

How did you spend your Memorial Day?  Did you go camping?  Did you have a picnic?  Did you attend a Memorial Day service to honor the fallen?  We did, only we did it 18th Century style!

As soon as we arrived there was to be a ladies tea held in the British camp, so the three ladies attending this weekend got straight to work!  It turned out quite beautifully, making me want to have another tea again soon!

The mounted Calvary came by to say hi!

Meanwhile the boys were off having a target shooting contest.  Here's Ben firing away!

After tea we made lunch to feed all of our hungry men.

It may not look it, but it was FREEZING COLD, needless to say we had the fire going all the time and we're all wrapped up!

None the less it was simply beautiful up there!

This is the site of a future lake complete with island!

That evening we had a potluck dinner.  I prepared and brought potato balls, see the recipe here.
We had so much food for everyone to share!

Look at that plate-full!!!!

Everyone had a good time, including the dogs!

The only picture I managed to take of my husband Ben and I together!
Here are the men ready to go off on a scouting expedition!

Later that day the guys had a card shoot.  Ben took 2nd place, shooting 3 cards!!!  Everyone noted his great improvement with a smooth bore fire arm!

The kidos had fun playing with a pail full of water! 

Pat enjoyed painting a watercolor picture.

The men rolled cartridges for more shooting.

 Here I am heading back up from another ladies tea, this time in the colonial camp.

We celebrated Memorial Day with a flag ceremony and a gun salute.

Then we many of us packed up to go home and take a modern shower!
Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day too!

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