Friday, October 19, 2012

Easy Peasy $4 Fall Wreath

I just finished making this totally cheap and easy wreath!  Supplies came from my local Dollar Tree.  FYI this is NOT a sponsored post, I happen to shop there a lot...
All you need is one wooden wreath and three fall leaf garlands.  Now these garlands would look pretty sad if you used them by themselves, so it is a good thing we're tripling them up here!

Begin with your darkest layer of fall leaves.  At first I took out my hot glue gun thinking I would need it to keep all the leaves in place, WRONG.  The end of the garland easily tucked into the wooden wreath and stayed secure all on its own!  Simply begin by sticking the end between the branches and then wind your garland around the wreath in and out through the center.

Then wrap the medium garland of fall leaves on.  Lucy wanted to show you what the garland looks like uncoiled...

Here is the wreath with two layers.  Starting to get some dimension!

Lastly wrap you lightest garland of fall leaves around the wreath.

TaDa!  I did this in under 5 minutes!  Go back through and untuck some of the leaves that might have been caught underneath the vine from the garlands.

Now for some doggie glamour shots!

Lucy decided that she needed to wear her favorite Halloween dress for this...

And now she is howling for a full moon!


  1. I love the wreath but Lucy steals the show!

  2. Your wreath is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x


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